Young Designer of the Year 2022: Juslin Maunula

The designer duo Juslin Maunula – fashion designer Laura Juslin and architect Lilli Maunula – were selected as the Young Designer of the Year 2022. Design studio Juslin Maunula was founded in 2015 by these two designers, who are known for their cross-cutting competence, including spatial planning, as well as accessories, clothes and rugs. The studio’s clients include Kalevala, Finarte and Marimekko, among others.

The prize jury commended Juslin Maunula, in particular, for their ability to combine colours and materials into interesting ensembles. Their work is not limited to certain scales or materials; instead, it is idea-driven. Through diverse competence and creative thinking, ideas can be realised in different forms, from spatial installations to clothes or textiles. Architecture and the visual arts enrich their expression and have been connected in an insightful manner, even with commercial assignments.

According to the prize jury, Juslin Maunula’s design is holistic, confident and clearly aesthetic. Juslin Maunula have already given strong demonstrations of their competence, and they serve as role models for beginning designers; at the same time, they are strongly focussed on the future and new areas.

Design Forum Finland’s Young Designer of the Year prize was established in 2000 and it is awarded now for the 21st time. The prize sum is €5,000 and in 2018–2022 it also includes participation in IF Studios, the artist-in-residence program of the Finnish Institute in France in Paris. The IF Studios residence program supports the internationalization of Finnish artists, curators and other creative professionals in France.

Photo: Lilli Maunula & Laura Juslin, photo: Elina Simonen

Juslin Maunula: The feeling of space

Two different forms of expression: architecture and fashion design. Two different points of view; one aims at permanence, to sustain the test of time, while the other is in constant change.