Estlander Medal

The receiver of the Estlander Medal has deepened the interactions between design culture and Finnish business life in some notable way. The prize is named after the Society’s founder, Professor Carl Gustaf Estlander (1834–1910) and it was awarded for the first time in 2000, the 125th anniversary year of the Finnish Society of Crafts and Design. The medal is designed by the artist Tero Laaksonen.

Estlander Medals 2000–2020

  • Silver Estlander Medal 2020: Ceramic artist Karin Widnäs
  • Bronze Estlander Medal 2019: Researcher Auli Suortti-Vuorio
  • Gold Estlander Medal 2017: Professor Yrjö Sotamaa
  • Gold Estlander Medal 2015: Design Manager, Professor Anne Stenros
  • Estlander Prize 2012: Founder and Director of Helsinki Design Week Kari Korkman
  • Silver Estlander Medal 2012: Professor Kalevi Ekman; Professor Raimo Nikkanen; Professor Markku Salimäki
  • Gold Estlander Medal 2012:  MSc Techn Tapio Hintikka; Licentiate in Laws Harri Malmberg; Master of Laws Hannele Pohjola
  • Estlander Prize 2002: CEO Kirsti Paakkanen
  • Silver Estlander Medal 2002: Fennia Group / CEO Kari Elo; Finnish Fair Foundation / CEO Pentti Kivinen
  • Estlander Prize 2000: Journalist Carla Enbom; journalist Pekka Suhonen
  • Gold Estlander Medal 2000: Designer Timo Sarpaneva; designer Antti Nurmesniemi
  • Silver Estlander Medal 2000: President of the Republic Tarja Halonen; Ministry of Education; Ministry of Trade and Industry; Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Silver Estlander Medal 2020: Karin Widnäs

The Finnish Society of Crafts and Design awarded Silver Estlander Medal to ceramic artist Karin Widnäs on the occasion of the Society’s 145th anniversary in 2020.