Our projects

Design Forum Finland actively participates in domestic and international projects. We cooperate with various actors from ministries to design organizations, design service providers and companies.

Ongoing projects

Circular Design training

Circular Design training programme focuses on design principles and practical solutions based on the circular economy.

Nordic Platform

Nordic design and architecture institutions are strengthening their strategic cooperation in order to accelerate the Green Transition.


Knowledge and skills

Get new information and expertise for companies.

Operational concepts

Enhance business e.g. with new operational concepts.

New contacts and networks

Create contacts and networks between operators.

Earlier projects

Get to know our earlier projects such as HerääPahvi! where new packaging materials were developed, SustaiNordic and EcoDesign Circle promoting circular design, and Stuff in Flux 2 that focused on consumers’ changing attitudes.

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Nordic Platform to accelerate the Green Transition

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