Our projects

Design Forum Finland actively participates in domestic and international projects. We cooperate with various actors from ministries to design organizations, design service providers and companies.

Ongoing projects

DeCo – Design Collaboration for Sustainable Business

DeCo aims to improve local,regional and national development policies through exchange of experience and capacity building in circular and sustainable design, production and manufacturing.

Future-proof business

Design Forum Finland’s popular circular design trainings continue, now focusing on futureproof business. The trainings are specifically designed for Finnish SME’s seeking growth and internationalization.

Finnish design ecosystem

Towards an ecosystem

What does the design industry consist of? Design-intensive companies, design service providers, various professional or support organizations, museums, educational institutions, and media.

Circular Design for Business

The aim of this online course is to increase the knowledge and role of companies of creative industries, especially of the design field, in sustainable design and the circular economy.

Nordic Platform

Nordic design and architecture institutions are strengthening their strategic cooperation in order to accelerate the Green Transition.


Knowledge and skills

Get new information and expertise for companies.

Operational concepts

Enhance business e.g. with new operational concepts.

New contacts and networks

Create contacts and networks between operators.

Earlier projects

Get to know our earlier projects such as Circular Design pilot training, SustaiNordic and EcoDesign Circle promoting circular design, Stuff in Flux 2 that focused on consumers’ changing attitudes, and HerääPahvi! where new packaging materials were developed.

Blog posts and news

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Circular designKiertotalous

Rakkaat, vastuulliset tuotteet

KiertotalousLiiketoiminnan muotoiluVastuullisuus

Tavattiin Taidehallissa: muotoilutoimijat rakentavat yhteistyötä


Muotoilun uusi tarina


Muutimme naapuriin!

Circular design & business – uusi opas liiketoiminnan muotoiluun

Circular designKiertotalousLiiketoiminnan muotoilu

Circular design & tuotekehitys – näin tutkit, kehität ja innovoit kiertotaloudessa

Kestävä muotoiluKiertotalousMuotoiluosaaminen

Circular design & asiakas: kuinka kehittää asiakaskokemusta?


Muotoilu ja arkkitehtuuri vauhdittavat vihreää siirtymää


Uusien haasteiden edessä

Circular designKiertotalousVastuullisuus

Uusi opas: Kiertotalouden liiketoimintamallit

Circular designKiertotalousLiiketoiminnan muotoilu

Uusi opas: Asiakaskokemus kiertotaloudessa

AsiakaskokemusCircular designKiertotalous

Kauppa on monessa mukana

Circular designKiertotalous

Etsimme sisällöntuottajaa verkkokurssille


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