Finnish Society of Crafts and Design

Design Forum Finland is maintained by the Finnish Society of Crafts and Design, founded in 1875. The Society’s members include companies and organisations closely associated with the design sector, such as manufacturing industry operators, service companies, agencies providing design and creative services, and third-sector operators.

The board of the Society 2024 and CEO

Design Forum Finland is directed by a CEO, who works under the Society’s board. The board, in turn, is appointed at the statutory autumn meeting for the following calendar year. It consists of 6–8 important influencers in the business world and the design sector.

Joakim Karske is among the most experienced design and brand leaders in Finland. He worked over 10 years in the global automotive industry as a car designer before heading design and brand for Nokia, Vertu and OP Financial Group. Joakim joins Design Forum Finland from hasan&Co Group, where he was responsible for the brand and customer experience capability. Karske holds and has served as board member for companies like Helkama Velox, Sini, LähiTapiola, Saka, Korpinen and Marimekko among others. 


Previous Managing Directors :
Ia Adlercreutz (interim CEO) 2021
Petteri Kolinen 2015–2021
Dan Colliander (interim CEO) 2015
Mikko Kalhama 2006–2015
Ilpo Santala 2004–2006
Anne Stenros 1995–2004
Tapio Periäinen 1975–1994
H.O. Gummerus 1952–1975

Chairperson Annika Jyllilä-Vertigans
Vice chairperson Mikko-Pekka Hanski
Matti Mannonen
Hanna Maula
Satu Mehtälä