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Design Forum Finland supports the growth, internationalisation and competitiveness of Finnish SMEs. We provide guidance and advice, and lower the barrier for utilising design extensively in business development.

Competitive edge and
intangible value

Design is a key factor in building a more sustainable future, competitiveness and intangible value.

DeCo – Design Collaboration for Sustainable Business

DeCo aims to improve local,regional and national development policies through exchange of experience and capacity building in circular and sustainable design, production and manufacturing.

Future-proof business

Design Forum Finland’s popular circular design trainings continue, now focusing on futureproof business. The trainings are specifically designed for Finnish SME’s seeking growth and internationalization.

Finnish design ecosystem

Towards an ecosystem

What does the design industry consist of? Design-intensive companies, design service providers, various professional or support organizations, museums, educational institutions, and media.

Online course on circular design

The aim of Circular Design for Business is to increase the knowledge and role of companies of creative industries, especially of the design field, in sustainable design and the circular economy.

Study on the circular design knowledge

Design Forum Finland commissioned a comprehensive study to assess the proficiency in circular design among professionals engaged in product and service development within Finland.

Facts about Finnish design

Source: Ornamo 2022.



Number of design business enterprises in Finland.


+ 61 %

The turnover of Finnish enterprises offering design services has grown 61 % since 2010.



The turnover of design business in Finland in 2020 was 13.5 billion Euros.



Persons employed in Finnish design businesses in 2020.

Nordic Platform to accelerate the Green Transition

Nordic national organizations of design and architecture are strengthening their cooperation in order to accelerate the Green Transition.

Membership of Design Forum Finland speaks of your company’s strong desire to develop its operations and abilities in the areas of circular and sustainable design, brand or customer experience.

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