Towards design ecosystem

The Finnish design industry, what does it consist of? It is design-intensive companies, design service providers, various professional or support organizations, museums, educational institutions, and media.

Design Forum Finland, together with Pentagon Design, surveyed the Finnish design industry. The survey report is available in Finnish here. The aim of the survey was to have a comprehensive picture of the design industry, its operators, and their activities. In addition to this, the survey brings forward new phenomena, directions of change, needs for development and opportunities of the design field. The need for a comprehensive view has existed for quite a while – the challenge is how to get synergy, find a suitable partner and make the greatest impact. The survey was funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Centenary Foundation of the Finnish Society of Crafts and Design.

Finnish design ecosystem

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Based on the survey, we compiled an image, a tree, showing all the design industry operators. The roots of the tree are the financing bodies of non-profit operators. The tree branches according to the role of operators, shaping a network of promotion work of all kinds. At the top of the tree are companies and commercial operators, telling us about the versatility of the industry. Design is utilized in various ways; the top grows with new phenomena. For more info, please see the page in Finnish.

“The lack of a common, understandable language and vocabulary between political decision-makers, business and design industry is seen as one of the most critical bottlenecks when speaking about the growth of impact and business of the design industry.”

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Through our member agency search, you can look for a partner for your company in the fields of design, marketing, branding and visual design. Wherever necessary, we can provide advice on finding a suitable partner – we know our member companies well.

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