Future-proof business

Design Forum Finland's popular circular design trainings continue, now focusing on future-proof business. The trainings are specifically designed for Finnish SME's seeking growth and internationalization.

The new training programme includes of a series of webinars, open to all, and a series of workshops, aimed at a smaller group of companies. These two components complement each other thematically. Webinars provide a foundation for each topic, enhancing companies’ understanding and skills in circular economy and highlighting its business advantages. The workshops delve deeper into each topic, offering concrete tools for companies aiming at international growth. Together, these components help participating companies create a roadmap to sustainable growth.

The training programme, only in Finnish, is free of charge. The first sessions will take place in June. For more information and to register, please visit our Finnish webpage. By participating in all five training sections, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of what transforming into a circular business entails.

More information:

Saija Malila

Project Manager: Circular Design, Service Designer

+358 44 727 2280