DeCo – Design Collaboration for Sustainable Business

Design Forum Finland is one of the partners in a multinational project aimed at developing collaboration in sustainable business. DeCo – Design Collaboration for Sustainable Business, funded by Interreg EU, includes seven participating countries and ten organizations, with the Finnish LAB University of Applied Sciences as the Lead Partner.

The project’s objectives include identifying good practices in sustainable and circular design and production as well as sharing experience and knowledge across Europe. This will enhance the capacity and understanding of sustainable and circular design among various stakeholders and decision-makers.

Sustainable development will also be integrated into regional development programmes, as an example. Additionally, the project supports the EU’s targets for reducing emissions and advancing the green transition.

Design Forum Finland’s role in the project is to organize round table discussions among project partners, with the first one scheduled for September.

The project was started in April this year and will continue until the end of June 2028. The total budget is just under € 1.8 million.

More information about the project is here.