Circular Design for Business

Design Forum Finland has launched a project where the aim is to increase the understanding and role of companies in the creative industries, especially within the design field, in sustainable design and the circular economy.

The project is funded by the Ministry of Culture and Education as part of the Sustainable Growth Programme from the EU Recovery Plan Next Generation EU.

Through this initiative, companies can boost their international competitiveness particularly in terms of intangible value creation. With the use of sustainable design principles, companies can find fresh business opportunities. At the same time, Finland is profiled as a pioneer in sustainable design and the circular economy.

As part of the project, an online course focusing on circular design will be developed. The main target groups of the course are professionals in design and creative industries, but it will be accessible to anyone interested. Following a tender, MPS Prewise Oy and Ethica Oy have been selected as the main partners for the course.

The course will be available in Finnish. For further information, please visit our Finnish webpage.

The initial phase of the project included a study on the level of circular design knowledge within the creative industries. The study (in Finnish) is available here. Additionally, the project also aims at developing and boosting the collaborative, developmental and expert networks in circular design. The project continues until the end of 2024.

Study on the circular design knowledge

Design Forum Finland commissioned a comprehensive study to assess the proficiency in circular design among professionals engaged in product and service development within Finland.

Marika Lehti

Service Designer, Project Coordinator

+358 50 566 4698