Circular Design – a path towards circular economy

The Circular design training programme, aimed at both company management and product and service developers, started in January 2023. The programme was the first training programme deep-diving into circular design principles and practical solutions. The pilot programme ended in December 2023.

Companies, from various fields of industry, who were interested in developing their operational models and product and service design towards carbon-neutral circular economy, were invited to participate. The participating companies also wanted to focus on hands-on work and receive practical advice on business development. Altogether 50 companies, of various sizes, were selected to participate in the programme. The pilot programme was free of charge.

The programme consists of two tracks: the strategic track is designed for the executives/board members/owners and investors; the R&D track is designed for people in charge of or taking part in product and service development, marketing, brand and customer experience.

Being part of the National Strategic Circular Economy programme of Finland, this training programme was led by the Ministry of Environment and coordinated by Design Forum Finland and Ethica Ltd. Other partners included VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland); the Finnish Environment Institute; Sitra Innovation Fund, Frankly Partners, Miltton and Alice Labs.  

The closing event of the programme Towards regenerative growth took place 12 December 2023 at Think Corner, Helsinki. Watch the video recording of the event here.

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Saija Malila

Project Manager: Circular Design, Service Designer

+358 44 727 2280

The programme supports these UN SDG’s: