SUSTAINORDIC is a Nordic cooperational platform for promoting sustainable cities and communities and sustainable consumption and production in accordance with UN Global Goals 11 and 12 of Agenda 2030.

SUSTAINORDIC brings together the public sector, research and industries. In 2022–2024 it focuses on sustainable building materials and architecture and brings forward the role of architecture and design in planning sustainable environments.

The network was founded in 2015 when a number of Nordic organisations in the fields of architecture, urban development and design decided to strengthen their cooperation. The aim of the project was to collect and disseminate good Nordic examples of sustainable production and consumption and to encourage the development of national policies in the field.

In 2018–2020 SUSTAINORDIC published three Nordic Reports which showcased Nordic examples of sustainable prodiction and consumption

At the first stage prticipating stakeholders were ArkDes and Form/Design Center from Sweden, Design Forum Finland, DOGA from Norway, Danish Design Center, and Iceland Design Centre. The SUSTAINORDIC project was administered by ArkDes and Form/Design Center who also were the initiators of the project. The project was funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers and was in accordance with their vision of disseminating the Nordic perspective internationally. The first phase ended in 2020.



Päivi Kaira

Brand Manager

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The Nordic Report 03

The Nordic Report 03 showcases twelve contemporary phenomena, including the transition from linear to circular economy, the idea of a waste-free society and visions to the future of transport and food production. The most prominent Nordic experts within sustainable production and consumption have been interviewed for the book.

The Nordic Report 02

The perspectives of The Nordic Report 02 are industrial, academic and political, and the topics include bio economics and circular economy, responsible procurement and cross-disciplinary cooperation. The aim is to show how the change towards a more sustainable way of living is possible and already an everyday issue in several countries, cities and companies. The Nordic values – democracy, transparency, diversity, participation and equality – are a good platform to achieve development with a future.

The Nordic Report 01